Take the 70 degree pledge!

Summer Brings Warm Water On The Trophy Run


To veteran fishers of the Au Sable taking the 70 Degree Pledge has become a regular occurrence, which varies in necessity based on the summer heat.

The idea is a simple one:  if the river water temperature is 70 degrees or more for an extended time then catch-and-release for trout is impractical.  Salmonids, especially rainbow and brook trout, cannot handle the stress of being hooked, fought, and handled so the mortality rates skyrocket.  More information of this dynamic, including supporting research, can be found at http://www.70degreepledge.org/ – an AOTA sanctioned website.

So each year as we approach those Dog Days, Anglers makes a point of reminded fishers about this important practice.  If we want catch-and-release to remain a viable practice then we must do it properly.  Taking the 70 Degree Pledge is part of that effort.  So start checking these two websites through early September:

http://waterdata.usgs.gov/mi/nwis/uv?04136500 (Mio)

http://waterdata.usgs.gov/mi/nwis/uv?04136000 (Parmalee)

http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?04136900 (McKinley)

Oh, and one more thing, learn more about proper catch-and-release at this website http://www.catch-n-release.org/– another AOTA sanctioned website.

Taking care of a world-class trout fishery includes all matters of commitment from court cases to cleanups to simple common sense.  Following the 70 Pledge and the suggestions from Catch-N-Release.Org are two cost effective methods for nurturing the fishery in the river we all love.