Planned trout factory on the Au Sable threatens our river. We need your financial help TODAY.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has agreed to a permit allowing Harrietta Hills Trout Farm LLC, to take over the small scale fish hatchery on the East Branch of Au Sable.

The permit lets the 20,000 pound/year tourist attraction grow to a 300,000 pound/year fish factory – the biggest in Michigan. It will create two new jobs – and endanger the economy of the entire region.

The DEQ permit would allow:
•    Massive pollution from fish farm, which can cause algae blooms that reduce dissolved oxygen and ultimately impacts the fishery.
•    Increased risk of whirling disease.
•    Fish escapement.
•    No financial responsibility required of the trout factory. Any environmental catastrophe will be cleaned up at tax payer expense, not the trout farm.

Anglers is leading the fight.

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Here’s what could happen if this permit is allowed to stand:

A Case Study: Big Spring Creek, PA

We’ve invested more than $100,000 over the past two years.
It will cost $150,000 more to win this battle. And our experts say we can win!

We need your help – today!
Please make your check of any amount to: Anglers of the Au Sable

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The Au Sable River and its healthy wild trout thank you!

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