Nicole Watson

Nicole Watson (b. 1980), is a doctoral student at Michigan State University’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Her research focuses on clarifying the key uncertainties to successful reintroduction of Arctic Grayling in Michigan streams. Her previous Master’s research at Central Michigan University focused on otolith (ear bone) microchemistry of juvenile Rainbow Trout (steelhead). She lives with her husband, Tom, and Sheltie/Border Collie, Trixie Tornado, in Dundee, MI. They love to fish, hunt, hike and relax on the porch of the Hideout.

Nicole was first introduced to fly fishing at age-9 on the banks of the Au Sable at Wyandotte Lodge (now Riverside). She began fishing with increased fervor around 2003. 

As a board member, her goal is to contribute through the use of scientific based knowledge gained through her education and experience in fisheries biology, conservation, and management.