Fish Farm? What Fish Farm?

Big Win for the River: Grayling Fish Farm Case settled, all commercial fish farming to cease by end of 2018


It’s official: the Grayling Fish Farm is no more. Harrietta Hills, the company operating the Grayling Fish Farm, has agreed to end its lease, to cease all operations at the Grayling Fish Hatchery by December 31, and to never again operate any fish farming operation in the Au Sable watershed.


This is a big win for Anglers of the Au Sable, and, more importantly, for the river. There is work to be done, but the threat is over, the pollution will stop.  It took more than a village.  It took everybody.  Everybody who gave, wrote letters, and engaged this issue.   It wasn’t as simple as handing over a check.  This required pressure from all sides.  At some point I think it became fairly obvious to Harrietta Hills that Anglers of the Au Sable doesn’t go away.   To all our members, to all the groups around the state of Michigan and beyond that gave, a sincere thank you – Joe Hemming, President, Anglers of the Au Sable.


The case settled for $160,000, far less than further court fighting would have cost us. This settlement saves the river from thousands of pounds of fish waste, and resultant algae blooms and decreased dissolved oxygen.  It reduces the risk of disease, escapement, and invasive species.  It protects the river.


There would have been no court cases, and no settlement, without the support of members and non-members alike. So many people gave, and some likely gave more than they really could afford.  The list of FFI, TU, and other groups, let alone individual donations, would fill ten years of The Riverwatch.   It does not happen without these donations of time and money, or the many thousands of letters written on behalf of the river.


Many people worked pro-bono on this case, including all Anglers board members.  But two board members in particular, Tom Baird (president emeritus) and Joe Hemming (current president, and co-council on this case), devoted a significant portion of their lives to seeing this through to this conclusion.  They built a strong case involving several key expert witnesses who demonstrated that this operation was a bad operation, and that the DEQ permit did not protect the river.


Anglers of the Au Sable has formed a non-profit entity, Grayling Hatchery, Inc, to operate the Grayling Fish Hatchery as a tourist attraction and historical landmark, as the 1995 deed between the state and the county intended.   We will provide additional detail in the near future.


There is a lot of work ahead, yes, and in due time we’ll get to that. But let’s savor this victory, because it’s a big one.  It would not have happened without this incredible, engaged membership. Every check, every letter, every shared idea led to this result.


On behalf of the Board, thank you.


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Anglers reaches settlement on Grayling fish farm