Trout Population

Population Studies

  • MDNRE Study from 2003 – 2004 studying the status and trends of fish populations including trout (both landlocked and Great Lakes access) and small mouth bass. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  • Au Sable River Trout Populations:
      • Graphs that depict trout per acre in the Au Sable System from as far back as 1957 to as recent as 2009: CLICK HERE TO VIEW
      • Objectives: To continue to conduct annual trout population surveys at index stations on the Au Sable River. This data will be analyzed in relation to environmental variables to explore possible mechanisms causing the declines in larger trout. They will also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of large, woody debris enhancement in the North Branch Au Sable and Mainstem Au Sable rivers (management action that will be funded by the private sector).
      • Investigators: Troy G. Zorn and Andrew J. Nuhfer

Gear Restrictions

Habitat Improvements