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Our members are just like you, conservationist-minded fly fishers (and non-fishers as well) who have a vested interest in protecting the natural heritage of the Au Sable region. Though the majority of our membership hails from Michigan, it also spans 21 states and three countries with significant member levels coming from the Michigan border states of Indiana, Ohio, and further to Illinois, Kentucky and Montana.

Many of our members have a heritage all their own regarding the Au Sable River. Many have fished the area since their childhood, introduced to the river’s magic by grandparents. And many members either keep full-time residences or summer cabins along the river and have witnessed first-hand the myriad threats to the Au Sable as a natural and recreational resource.

The Anglers of the Au Sable invites any person, regardless of race, color, gender or creed, that is committed to the long term conservation of the Au Sable watershed to join the organization. The Anglers are not a social organization in the traditional sense with regular meetings. Though only one membership meeting is held each year (September), all members are welcome to attend any of the six board meetings held each year.

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