John Bebow


John Bebow is president and CEO of the Center for Michigan and Bridge Magazine. He lives in Dixboro with his wife Monica, daughter Delaney, a retriever that doesn’t retrieve named River – and two cats he continually threatens to hook and use as night-fishing bait.


Bebow is the Sergeant-at-Arms-Length of Pirate Camp, a broken down but fairly historic fishing shack on Big Creek, a stone’s throw from Kellogg’s Bridge. He’ll fish anywhere, anytime, but prefers the big Au Sable hatches, night fishing the new moons of late summer, bass fishing the Huron, steelheading on the Muskegon and Pere Marquette, redfishin’ in the bayous south of New Orleans, prowling off-the-grid creeks for brookies, and every square inch of Patagonia.


Lots of people are better anglers than Bebow. Few enjoy it more.