Ed McGlinn

EdMcGlinnEd, a retired research engineer, has been a member of the Anglers’ board of directors since its formation and was one of the original anglers who met with Rusty in September 1986 to start to organize the Anglers in response to the widespread local opposition to catch-and-release angling on the Au Sable. Ed has fished the Au Sable River for more than fifty years, and participated in a fisheries research project in the late 1970s and early 80s (including tagging, measurement and release of trout on the Au Sable) with his partners, Skip Favro and Mitchell Powell.

Ed and Harry Campbell were the original editors of The Riverwatch which followed our first newsletter (Au Sable News and Notes), edited by Jim Enger. Since the third issue, Ed and his wife Judy have been co-editors of The Riverwatch for over seven years. (Their last issue was May 1997).

In 1987 he put together, with the help of many, a detailed analysis of the National Guard’s proposal for the Multi-Purpose Range Complex, an extensive expansion of Camp Grayling’s capabilities and facilities. This review and analysis helped the Anglers and its coalition partners respond with calls for review and litigation, beginning with an emergency letter campaign appeal with the document “Total Force and the Rape of the Au Sable.” He also was the lead author of several critiques of the draft EIS for the same facility.

Ed was awarded the Anglers’ Riverkeeper of the Year Award for 1991, a FFF GLC Contributing Artists Achievement Award in 1996, and inducted into the Anglers’ Hall of Fame in 2007.


Editor’s Note: We wish to recognize and thank Judy McGlinn for her many years of service as co-editor of The RIVERWATCH.