Bill Halliday

(d. 1997)

Bill Halliday was a lifelong champion of the Au Sable and its rich rewards. Though he served the Anglers as director for only five years (1992 – 1997), he was an ardent conservationist who was instrumental in the success of Trout Unlimited’s George Mason Chapter. His extensive business background in the computer and banking industries gave him the world-wise strategic view so often required in conservation efforts. And his easygoing, approachable manner made him a natural for advancing our agendas at meetings that were sometime contentious.

Bill died on October 18 after a brief but fierce battle with lung cancer. His cabin on the Au Sable’s mainstream is still used by his wife, Beverly Lowrie, and his extended family of children and grandchildren. The Anglers lost an Au Sable guardian when Bill Halliday left for brighter waters.