Officers for 2020

Joe Hemming – President  | Andy Richards – Vice President | Tess Nelkie – Secretary | Bruce Pregler – Treasurer

Directors for 2020

(Maximum of 25 Directors – Directors are elected for two-year terms)

Tom Baird | John Dallas | Patrick Dwyer | Josh Greenberg | Dave Eberly | Joyce HaxtonJoe HemmingTerry Lyons | Tess NelkieBruce Pregler | Andy Richards | Bruce Rohen | Jacque Rose | John RussellDon SawyerJames Schramm | Jim Shifflet | David SmithNeil Wallace | David Waymire | Kim Yuhas |

In Memoriam

Rusty Gates

How Directors and Officers Are Elected 

The Anglers of the Au Sable are governed by a board of directors. The by-laws require at least 12 board members, although that is only a minimum. Directors serve a two-year term. (Occasionally, if a director position is open, the board may appoint an interim director to serve until the next election.)

After director elections each fiscal year, the new assembly of directors elects four officers for the coming fiscal year—president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Officers serve a one year term coinciding with the new fiscal year. By default the officers serve as members of the Executive Board. One or more additional persons, including an attorney, if available, are appointed by the board to the Executive Board. The purpose of the Executive Board to govern the business of the organization and approve decisions and spending in lieu of full board approval, which may not be possible in situations requiring immediate response.