How You Can Help

As a member or non-member there are numerous opportunities to lend a hand to our organization. All it takes is a little time, imagination and a commitment to make a difference, no matter how small. Just to get you thinking about how you may wish to pitch in, here are some of the activities people have helped with in the past:

  • Work trade shows
  • Stream improvement
  • Participate in or lead a committee
  • Research on an issue or problem
  • Help with ongoing long-term projects
  • Bringing unique talent to the organization, let us know your vision
  • General conservation oversight activities
  • Serve on a committee or project team
  • Serve as a liaison to other organizations (attending meetings, reporting on progress)
  • Help with river projects such as the annual clean-up day in September
  • Provide a valuable professional or trade service (i.e. law, marketing, fundraising, environmental services, etc.)
  • Apply a unique skill set to one or more of our projects (i.e. knowledge of computers, fisheries, conservation, forestry, etc.) 
  • Fiscal contributions in the form of cash, stock, bonds or other financial consideration.

Often we fail to consider all of the ways our members and friends can help the Anglers advance its agenda. Perhaps you have some unique skills that you could leverage for the Anglers. If you have an immediate interest in volunteering some time, please contact Josh Greenberg, Director, via email or by phoning 989-348-8462. 

Help us, help you!  The Anglers is an all volunteer organization.  Your support and involvement can help protect this beloved watershed.  Please visit the "Members" area of the website to update your current contact information.