Lake St. Helen

July 1991 - Anglers discover illegal regulation of the Lake St. Helen dam, which was causing extreme low water conditions on the South Branch of the Au Sable.  After DNR pressure, the dam's owner removed all boards at once, resulting in a flood of the South Branch.  The anglers encouraged the DNR to establish procedures and a legal lake level to prevent this from happening again.

January 1992 - Au Sable River Protection Association, a Grayling citizens group, forms to preserve the City Park Dam and Millpond (Stump Pond).  The Anglers call on the DNR to conduct temperature studies of the Millpond to measure the effects of the removal of Salling Dan.  Anglers support the removal of the City Park Dam.  The dam is still in place today, though as of April 2001, the DNR proposed a lowering of the dam+s release level by as much as one foot over the next ten years in addition to creating a stubble ramp to aid upstream fish passage.

June 2001 - St Helen Dam - The dam was modified without the required DEQ permit being sent to Fisheries Biologist Steve Sendek, for his input. Lake St Helen was nine inches above the court ordered lake level, significantly lowering the water levels on the South Branch. Anglers and Sendek will contact County Commissioners to indicate that this situation is not acceptable.

September 2001 - South Branch - 40 year low water level recorded at Smith Bridge due to new structure at Lake St Helen. Anglers Board will investigate placement of a monitoring station at Steckart Bridge, just outside Roscommon.

March 2002 - South Branch Flow Study - A prospectus was sent out to environmental groups regarding installation of a flow monitoring station at Steckart Bridge.

March 2002 - Lake St Helen Dam - The dam is currently being operated above the summer levels as of March of this year. Commissioners were made aware of this and appeared to ignore the alert. DNR Fisheries in Lansing has been notified, as well as the Attorney General's office that there is a violation of the settlement agreement in regard to water levels agreed to a couple years ago.