Au Sable Rivershed Restoration

July 1992 - Anglers join the Au Sable Rivershed Restoration Committee, which has begun a program of restoration for the Au Sable's three branches.

September 1993 - Working with the Au Sable Restoration Committee and Huron Pines RC&D, the Anglers complete six stream restoration sites on the Mainstream and North Branch with funding from the Jon Wisotzkey Memorial Fund.

June 1994 - The Anglers announce a multi-year fundraising campaign, Au Sable Funds 2000, to raise capital for what has been identified as six primary project areas that have a strategic impact on the Au Sable.

May 1995 - After a carefully prepared application developed by director Jay Gleason to solicit funding from Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT's) federal ISTEA funding, $125,000 granted for improvement of storm-water drains near many of the Au Sable system's bridges.

August 1995 - Stream Improvement & Trout Habitat Protection Seminar at 8th Annual Membership Meeting held at Garland Resort in Lewiston.

November 1995 - Anglers and the Au Sable River Watershed Restoration Committee complete restoration of 29 soil erosion sites.

March 1996 - Macro-invertebrate Drift Density Study began.