River Patrol

The Anglers have co-sponsored patrols by the Crawford County Sheriff's Marine Patrol since 1992. The patrols occur on summer weekends and holidays to help curtail rowdy behavior by canoeists. Other sponsors include some of the Au Sable's canoe liveries. Patrols have generally been effective at the canoe landings but more needs to be done to curtail rowdy and irresponsible behavior while canoeists are astream. The Anglers have suspended funding of this program for the time being.

March 1992 - Anglers make largest contribution to Crawford County Sheriff's Marine Patrol along the Au Sable during periods of high canoeing activity.

March 1992 - Anglers draft Resolution on Watercraft Use on Au Sable and distribute to liveries and DNR.

September 1997 - Anglers present new 16' Mad River Discovery canoe to Michigan DNR Conservation Officer Mark Lutz. Officers are to use the canoe for river patrols. [Anglers wish to thank Benchmark Outfitters (Farmington, MI) and member Paul Goodman for a partial donation on the purchase of the canoe.]

June 2001 - Sponsorships - Anglers appropriate $2,500 for working sheriff's patrol on the river during busy commercial canoe weekends in the summer months.

June 2002 - River Patrols - The Anglers decline to fund any more river patrols, unless the sheriff's department can show that we are getting something for this. We've spent approximately $15,000 over ten years. It is illegal to operate a watercraft on the waters of the state while under the influence of alcohol. Arenac County officers routinely write an average of fifty tickets a weekend on the Rifle River. The most Crawford County has ever written was fifty-five, in a single year. Other than a uniformed officer presence, it was felt we got very little bang for our bucks.

March 2004 -The Crawford County Police and DNR did a sting operation last year to catch drunk canoeists and will likely do another this year.