Annual River Clean-up

The annual river clean-up happens the Saturday after Labor Day every year.  Beats are assigned so that all parts of the river are covered during the clean-up.  The original river clean-up was on the main stream of the Au Sable and expanded to the North and South Branches. The cleanup has expanded beyond its Grayling roots to include portions of the trophy water near Mio.  The clean-up starts with a 10am meeting at Gates Au Sable Lodge and then culminates with the George Alexander Memorial Luncheon at Gates Au Sable Lodge.  

The Mio portion of the cleanup is sposored by the Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association. The meeting time is 8:00 am and happens at the Mio access on M-33 below the Mio dam. Both locations later host a cookout for their volunteers. See for more information on the trophy water activites. 

The Anglers would like to thank our official photographer, John Russell of Great Lakes Images, for his past and continuing support and photographs of River Clean-up.  We also wish to thank those faithful members and supporters that have provided photographic imagery.

Part of the day is planting Cedars along the Au Sable River.

2008 River Clean-up Activities

Activities for the River Clean-up start days ahead.  Below are some highlights.

Preparation of the George Alexander Memorial Luncheon


Early Clean-up Day

Activities begin early in the morning with the parking lot quickly filling with volunteer cars.  Signs are put in the field for beats.  Merchandise mysteriously arrives.  The "Clean-up Crew" starts to arrive, greeting friends they have not encountered since last year.  For more images go to Saturday Morning Image Gallery.


At the River

Below are images of some of the volunteers.  To see more images, please see the River Image Gallery.


 George Alexander Memorial Luncheon

After cleaning the river, volunteers enjoyed a great luncheon and the company of other volunteers.  To see more images, please see the Luncheon Image Gallery.


2008 Clean-up Group Picture

A Big Thanks to all of you!  You make it happen!
































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