The Riverwatch
Quarterly Newsletter of
The Anglers of the Au Sable 

ISSUE 22 - January 1996


Guest Editorial: Thomas Washington's Legacy from the Detroit Sunday Journal
Editorial: It's Time to Get Involved by Edward McGlinn
The River Resource: A Call For Contributions by Edward McGlinn
The Angler's Environment in Michigan by Edward McGlinn
Don't Forget Number Ten by Dennis Potter
The Dog Days of August by Ron Weber
Ice Tea by Jay Gleason
Truth in Angling (The Art of Creative Score-Keeping) by Chauncy Lively
Large Woody Debris by George Alexander
South Branch Memories and Hopes by Duane F. Burdick
Just One More Cast by Effie Merella 


The Riverwatch

Quarterly Newsletter of
The Anglers of the Au Sable 

ISSUE 23 - April 1996


Editorial: Our Tenth Year by Edward McGlinn
Ax the $Billion Subsidy by Keith Schneider
METL Forges Ahead
Michigan Energy Reform Coalition from the Michigan Land Use Institute
Jet Crashes At Grayling
The Virtue of Anger
by Bob Linsenman
Whirling Disease Found In North Branch from The North Woods Call
Progress Report: Hydro Relicensing Agreement by James Schramm
Anglers' Team Wins
River People: Dave's Stuff by Michael Delp
Restructure the Guard by Edward McGlinn
Birds and Dogs: Too's Tale by Roderick Daane
Birds and Dogs: Natural Born Bird Dog by Mark Daane
River Research Proposed by Don Boyd
Troubled Waters by Eric Sharp
Stories Solicited for New Book
Heretical Opinions by Edward McGlinn
When to Stock Fish by David Smith
Wilderness Steelhead from The North Woods Call
A Theory of Newsletters by Edward McGlinn

The Riverwatch

Quarterly Newsletter of
The Anglers of the Au Sable

ISSUE 24 - September 1996


Editorial: Our Rivers Need A Green Vote by Edward McGlinn
The State Of The River by Chauncy Lively
A Day's Wade by Norm Hyams
The Metrology Of Trout And Rivers by Paul Townsend
The Art Of The Fly by Edward McGlinn
The "Good Old Days" and Now by Skip Favro
Frauds In Waders by Michael Furtman
Tenth Anniversary Celebration by Dennis Potter
New Sweetheart Deal by Hans Voss
Remembering Mitch by Edward McGlinn
Another Milestone Agreement
Au Sable Journal by Edward McGlinn