Capital Campaign

In July 2000, the Anglers conceived a strategic fundraising program that would ensure the long-term continuation of environmental improvement and conservation oversight of the Au Sable watershed and other areas of special interest to its members and benefactors.  The Capital Campaign’s primary objective is to provide an ongoing endowment fund to ensure the long-term viability of our conservation efforts.

The Capital Campaign has the following major objectives:

1.  To promote the Anglers of the Au Sable as an established conservation and environmental organization with a legacy of successful conservation and environmental initiatives, persistency of vision and sound financial governance.

2.  To promote and position the Anglers of the Au Sable as a viable and attractive investment or benefaction candidate for individuals, families, foundations and corporations.

3.  To provide organizational focus to a long-term fundraising vision, and to build a marketing and communications program to help meet major financial and program objectives.

4.  To recruit significant capital to build a strategic, aggregate endowment to fund ongoing (and new) conservation/environmental initiatives.

5.  To ensure that long-term multi-year conservation initiatives are funded at appropriate levels to yield effective and measurable results.

6.  To establish, manage and sustain the endowment and its fiduciary instruments.

If you have an immediate interest in the Capital Campaign, please send an e-mail to: